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Being a business owner has many legal hurdles.

Let us help you get past them so you can be successful faster. 

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Business Formations

One of the most important things you can do when you set off to start your own business is get started on the right foot. This encompasses everything from corporate formation to writing the right bylaws. We can help guide you through this process so your business is set up for success for many years. 


We offer comprehensive formation packages for you to choose from so that you have control of the costs of opening your business. ​

Entrepreneur Package $5,000
  • Advisement on the proper corporate structure to choose

  • Customized Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

  • 1 Customized Contract Template for your business to use

  • Draft Meeting Minutes

  • Filing of incorporation papers on your behalf

Enterprise Package $8,000
  • Everything included in the "Entrepreneur Package"

  • 3 Customized Contract Template for your business to use

  • Corporate Document Binder

  • Registered Agent Service 

Institutional Package $10,000
  • Everything included in the "Entrepreneur" and "Enterprise" Packages

  • 5 Customized Contract Template for your business to use

  • 3 Months of General Counsel Subscription after Filing

Business Tune Up Package $2,000
  • Review of 3 Commercial Contracts

  • 1 Customized Contract Template 

  • Review of Bylaws

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Restaurant & Hospitality 

As a former restauranteur, our Founding Partner's experience in the restaurant business means he knows the inner workings of the restaurant business and not just the laws. Because we understand the unique challenges of this competitive and evolving business, we can help you realize the opportunities that arise from harvest to processing, packaging, and selling.


We handle:

  • Marketing and advertising 

  • Brand strategy, protection and enforcement 

  • Logistics, transportation, warehousing agreements 

  • Co-packing and white label agreements 

  • Manufacturing and distribution agreements 

  • U.S. customs and import/export compliance


One thing we understand in the restaurant world is that money can be tight, and large legal fees are not usually part of any restaurant's opening budget. This is where our unique "Pay As You Grow Model" comes in. 


Pay As You Grow Model 

Our Pay As You Grow Model is unique to the legal industry. Instead of handing you a bill right away, we work out a fair and comprehensive agreement whereby we have our legal fees paid as you grow. 

Contact us to learn more about this unique model and how it can help you. 

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Commercial Agreements

“Hereto”, “thereof”, “aforementioned”, “therewith”; these are just a few of the archaic terms used in contract language that have in one form of the other continued to survive in an ever modernizing legal world.  The jargon is tricky to understand, inefficient, and often times wastes unnecessary ink on paper which it is printed on.  The legal world has continued to evolve in the past decade.  With the advent of new technologies and increased access to resources online, the legal world slowly catches up to the rest of the world. 


One such area that is ripe with archaic language is the area of contract drafting. The words on the page are often confusing and tough for clients to understand, while attorneys from yesteryear hold on to the same old practices regardless of innovation. Take for example the language below: 


As stated heretofore, the landlord's conduct created, caused, and resulted in serious bodily harm and massive injuries, to wit: a broken and mangled left leg, lacerations to the aforementioned leg, and several broken digits on the foot attached to said leg, in witness whereof was the spouse of the injured party.



This is another example of how the legal world continues to fail to adapt to changing times. 


We write contracts and commercial agreements in Plain English so that both sides understand what is being agreed to. We believe that archaic and confusing agreements lead to more problems, like litigation. 


That is why our agreements are written in a way everyone can understand, and help you avoid future legal problems down the line. 



Litigation and Business Disputes

Sometimes it is inevitable. Disputes arise between businesses. Even with the best planning and agreements in place, a disagreement can arise that causes parties to fight it out in court. 


When that happens, we work to make sure that we go over a comprehensive plan for you. We will keep you informed throughout the process and give you all the options when proceeding. 

Our goal is to help resolve issues faster and not drag anything out for the sake of racking up billable hours. 



With the passing of the Adult Use Marijuana Act (AUMA), more people are looking to the business opportunity of recreational marijuana. The Cannabis Industry is a lot more than just store front retailers and growers. It includes distributors, architects, POS software vendors, and many more businesses. 


If you are involved in the cannabis industry in any way, you need help navigating the precarious legal landscape. On top of the state regulations, you also have to ensure that you are compliant with county and local regulations as well. But who has time to read all these regulations and decipher them?


We have been reading these regulations (and there updated version, and the update to the updated versions) and know what to look for. We also know how to advise clients when pursuing their permits and licenses. 


We believe the cannabis industry is a great opportunity for investors, but it is also imperative you have the right legal representation guiding you through the regulatory minefield so you can protect your investment. 

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Cannabis Law
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