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Billable hours has been the primary go-to for lawyers to charge for their services for years. 


We think we can be a little more creative than that. 


Flat Fee Services

Our firm offers many flat fee services because we believe it is beneficial to both sides. It helps bring transparency to the client who can learn and understand what the costs will be upfront. This means there will be no surprises for either side. 


If we don't have a specific flat fee service listed on our site, you can just simply ask us and we will work with you to create one for you. 


Examples of flat fee services:


  • Misdemeanor Representation

  • DUI Representation

  • Estate Planning Packages


Unbundled Legal Services 

There has always been this old-school idea that you cannot afford an attorney because they want some huge retainer upfront before they even start working on your case. 

That's not the case with unbundled legal services. It's the difference between going to a buffet and ordering a la carte. You pick the services that you need from us and we provide you a straightforward flat fee. This allows you to control costs, and inevitably save money. 


Examples of unbundled legal services:


  • Drafting Paperwork For You To File

  • Review Documents


Payment Plans

In an additional way to make legal services more affordable, we can work with you to set up an interest free payment plan. 

Whether it's breaking up a flat fee into multiple payments, or putting our services on "layaway" we can work with you to make it more affordable so you are not feeling the pain of one big payment. 



While we will strive to provide you with as many flexible and unique payment options, there are times your issue may be more complex. When this happens we will work to ensure that we give you an estimate of the hours that need to be done, along with options to lower hourly costs. 

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