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There is nothing more frightening then the threat of losing your freedom. 

drug charges

Drug charges

firearm charges



Restraining orders




The overreach and over charging done by the State is my motivation to help citizens preserve their freedoms."

Philip Mauriello Jr., Managing Attorney

Our Services

Drug Offenses 

Even with how laxed drug laws may seem in California, some still are facing penalties for drug offenses linked to cannabis use. Whether you need an expungement or strong defense in the face of drug charges, we can help. 

Restraining Orders

When you feel physically or emotionally threatened, you can file a restraining order to protect yourself from your assailant. We'll work with you to learn the whole story and create a winning argument for the court to acquire a restraining order. 

Self Defense Charges

While citizens have a right to defend themselves, the state of California still has an issue with citizens doing so. 

If you find yourself facing prosecution for simply protecting yourself, your family, or your property, contact us to defend yourself legally. 

Assault Charges

Assault can encompass many actions. Sometimes you are charged with assault for self defense reason. If you are being charged with assault, speak with us to see your options and a strategy to beat the case. 

Accessible and Affordable Representation 

Access to effective representation should be available to those who need it. 

Our goal with Arete Law is to be able to help as many people as possible. We believe access to justice should not be limited to only a privileged few. 

Most of our services are offered as flat fees so you know up front the cost. Further we can work out interest free payment plans for you to be able to make payments and afford representation. 

Speak with us today to learn more about how we can help. 

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