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Arete Law Files Lawsuit Against San Diego County Board of Supervisors For Violations of Free Speech

Arete Law A.P.C., has filed a lawsuit against the San Diego County Board of Supervisors over their Resolution they passed in August in an effort to in their words “combat medical misinformation.”

In August, Supervisor Chair Nathan Fletcher spearheaded a Resolution that seeks to “combat medical misinformation.” However, the Resolution is light on what it determines to be “medical misinformation” and fails to address how it will “combat” what they deem to be “misinformation.”

Plaintiffs Shaun Frederickson, William Hyde, and Heather Cauvel, all San Diego County residents filed suit against the Board of Supervisors on October 27th alleging multiple violations of the Liberty of Speech Clause of the California Constitution and the First Amendment of the United States Constitution along with other violations.

“For too long San Diegans have expected politicians to hear our voice and represent us, the people. We’ve witnessed that our representatives not only ignore us but pass resolutions to silence us. We the people, shall stand on our God given rights to speak freely and boldly in the face of all unconditional policy;” says lead Plaintiff Shaun Frederickson.

“In an effort to be the “first” in enacting this policy, the Board along with Nathan Fletcher rushed this Resolution to completion without fully understanding how it would be a blatant violation of citizens’ right to free speech. This is just another example of how politicians rush their policies to completion to attract the spotlight and never consider the constitutional implications that come with them;” says Attorney Philip Mauriello Jr.

To read the entire Complaint click the link below.

Frederickson et al. v
. SD Board of Supervisors

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