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We Are Here For You

In the wake of this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, I have heard many attorneys discuss how they can get the word out for their services to clients and potential new clients. It is tough because attorneys already are notoriously known as being "bottom feeders" and "ambulance chasers" who try to profit for their own good. Jumping on this latest crisis would just support those allegations.

But that doesn't answer the question, how do attorneys get the word out about their services?

It's pretty simple in my mind, we simply say "We are here for you."

Attorneys are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism and poise in the face of numerous atrocities. Attorneys handle cases that involve some of the most gruesome details and facts, yet we still remain calm and help people navigate through the legal world. This crisis is no different.

There is a lot of uncertainty swirling around in the world right now and it seems like things are changing every day if not every hour. Just a couple days ago you could meet someone for lunch in a restaurant, today all restaurants are closed to the public.

Many attorneys I have spoken with are still working hard as ever. They may have moved from their offices to their homes to continue working, but they are still working. They have their computers, phones, and all other essential equipment to keep running business as usual. Some firms (like ours) run virtually already and have not been affected by self quarantining.

So yes, attorneys are still here for you. Those legal issues that you have now will not suddenly disappear because of the coronavirus (it can cancel everything but your legal issues).

For example, are you a small business and wondering how all this proposed stimulus is going to help you? Pick up the phone and call an attorney, they will be able to look into it for you.

What's going on with tax deadlines and payments? Speak with a tax attorney who can guide you in your legal rights.

Concerned about elderly family members who don't have their estate in order? Talk to an estate attorney to get guidance on what needs to be done.

The main point is that attorneys are problem solvers. We tackle cases of all shapes and sizes, the coronavirus and the fallout of it are just a new set of problems for us to address.

So to end, the most important thing attorneys can do in this time is not try to capitalize on this for new cases and more money, but to simply say to the community, "We are here for you."

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