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San Diego Estate Attorney, Criminal Defense, Civil Rights

Protecting Your Rights, Your Wealth, and Your Freedom

As of November 1, 2022 Arete Law will no longer be accepting new clients and will be closing as a law firm. 

Philip Mauriello can be contacted at his new position with Hoffman & Forde, Attorneys at Law. 

The world is rapidly changing. 

Isn't it time your law firm did too?


The world is changing all around us, yet lawyers seem to be stuck in the past when it comes to their practice. When Arete Law started, our main goal was to change how law is practiced in the 21st Century. Clients' needs have changed, legal issues have changed, and how to approach problems has changed. 


So what makes us different?


Client Focused

Our goal is not to simply look at clients as another paycheck, but rather as human beings with real issues. We expect clients to look at us as partners and confidants.


We utilize ground breaking technology to be more efficient, accurate, and productive with representation, which in turn helps the client.




The foundation of legal billing has been the billable hour. We think there's a better way. Our unique pricing options give clients flexibility when seeking representation. 


We have a company culture that strives to make the practice of law better. Our goal is to provide excellence in everything we do from representation to community relations. 

Our Services

Document with Pen

Customized and Affordable Legal Representation 

Most people think that getting an attorney is too complicated, or too expensive for them to consider. 

That is simply not the case. We work with our clients to quote a flat fee for most cases to help them seek resolution.

Targeted Business Representation

As a prior small business owner, our founding attorney knows first hand the trials and struggles a business owner faces. 

Our goal is to provide practical and reliable representation and advice to help your business grow.

Zealous Advocacy for Your Rights

Whether you are facing criminal prosecution by the state, or the government is infringing upon your civil rights, we are here to zealously advocate on your behalf to protect you and your rights.

Hire a firm that will fight to protect you. 

What Our Clients Are Say About Us

“We have dealt with 4 different lawyers and Phil was by far the most professional and easy to deal with. He stayed on top of the case and provided excellent advice to get us to a settlement in our case without having to go to court. The expense to us was much more fair than the lawyer's we had worked with in the past. Better cost and better results.” 

—  Brian M.

"The word Arete is a word that describes the Greek Philosophy for excellence in everything that you do.


This is our guiding principle in how we conduct every aspect of being attorneys and how we represent and help our clients."

- Founding Attorney Philip Mauriello Jr. 

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